Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to make Oatmeal Milk Concoction for Lye solution

Oatmeal Milk for Lye Solution

First. Take your Whole Grain Oats and place them on the food processor.
Second. The Oats must be in almost powder form.
Third. Once it is in powder form, add hot water.
Fourth. Mix the hot water and powdered Oats until the it has become opaque.
Fifth. Once slightly cooled, get a cheesecloth or a stocking and strain the liquid to remove the oat particles.
Sixth. Make sure the Oatmeal Milk has cooled completely then put them in ice cube trays.
Seventh. Freeze the Oatmeal Milk.

Eighth. Once frozen, take the cubes and place them on your lye solution container.
Ninth. Add your lye to the Oatmeal Milk Cubes and mix until Milk has dissolved.
Tenth. Begin your oatmeal soapmaking! Enjoy!

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