Friday, April 5, 2013


Just a reminder, when you use beeswax in your soap, always place the beeswax in your melted oils. This is before you place your lye-solution. Never add beeswax at trace.

If you place your melted beeswax at trace, the soap batter will tend to have crumbled parts and the beeswax will solidify in uneven parts of the batter. This is because there is a change in heat from the melted beeswax to the colder soap batter. Your finished soap will have partly solid parts and some smooth parts if you do this.

But the soap batter is hot, right?
Yes it is hot, but it is not hot enough for the beeswax to stay at its liquid form. Therefore, if you put the wax in the melted oils, the constant temperature will keep the wax from solidifying. Thats important.

Why add beeswax anyway?
Beeswax can help the soap harden without the use of Sodium Chloride, Sodium Lactate & Stearic Acid. Beeswax also has claims as having antibacterial qualities along with honey.

What you have to do is melt the beeswax with your base oils. This will even out the beeswax in your soap batter.

DO NOT add too much beeswax because the soap will be hard enough that it will decrease the lather of the soap and it will tend to crumble.
Only add 1oz PPO. (per pound of oil)

Happy soaping! :)

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