Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sexy Peel Soap: How

I was inspired by Lush's soap Sexy Peel. Although, I assume their soaps are more of the Melt and Pour process and not the Cold process, I mixed MP & CP together and I am always glad at the resuls of this combination.

What you'll need:
50g melt and pour base
2oz. Lye
5oz. Milk (I used Buffalo's milk)

8oz. Palm
2oz. Olive
2oz. Castor

5g Lemon Juice
3g grinded orange peel with orange seeds (more of an orange puree)
1g Orange Peel extract
15drops Lemon FO
.5 oz of Titanium Dioxide
5 drops of orange colorant

1. Melt MP base.
2. Add 1g of Lemon Juice & Orange Colorant.
3. Pour in mold as base.
4. Prepare Lye Solution.
5. Add lye solution to oils.
6. Reach trace & add the foll:
4g Lemon Juice, 3g Orange puree, 1g Orange Extract, 15 drops of Lemon FO.
7. Once all additives are incorporated, separate half the batch and add the TD.
8. Do mantra swirl.
9. Make sure that the MP base is completely hardened before adding the coldprocess batter.
10. Mold. Harden. Unmold. Cure. Use. :)


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