Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Replacements for Distilled water

Don't you ever feel like its too plain to just use distilled water for your lye-solution? There are other more alternatives for distilled water!

1.) Milks

You can use Cow's Milk, Goat's Milk and even Breast Milk. Milk soaps are creamy for the skin and really moisturizing. The problem with using Milk is that it tends to make the soap crumbly and it creates discoloration over time. Not only does it damage aesthetic qualities of the soaps, it also creates an odor that mixes with your fragrance oils then turning the soap into spoiled milk ala (your fragrance oil here). This is the problem: Milk is comprised of proteins that are actually unsaponifiable. Therefore, there are proteins and fibers from the milk that don't turn into soap and in turn, go rotten inside your soap. You would not want that!

In order to prevent the aesthetic and aromatic features and rancidity of your milk soap, here are tips:
1. try mixing the milk with a little distilled water. This way, you do not fully make a solution made from 100% milk but you still get its qualities. Try 40% Milk and 60% Water.

2. Try using POWDERED MILKS. This way, there are not too much true of the fibers. Always remember to fully dissolve the powder. Always.

3. Add sodium benzoate to your lye-milk solution.

4. ALWAYS freeze the milk before adding the lye. In this way, the milk doesn't get burnt and it wont create that unpleasant odor.

Best Milk solutions:
Coconut Milk-Lye Solution: Creates a moisturizing bar and has a creamy lather.
Goat's Milk-Lye Solution: Creates an extra moisturizing bar.
(this is because, the goat's milk has an almost identical ph level to human skin)

2.) Tea

Tea is known to be very cleansing and has anti-acne agents. The problem with tea is that your soap batter will most likely have a light brown discoloration.

How to use:
1.) Make tea solution then add lye.
Ta-dahh. Thats it, actually.

Always make sure that no leaves get left behind the actual tea.

3.) Fresh Juices

Examples are Apple Juice, Carrot Juice, Orange Juice, you name it. But always make sure that no pulps, fibers and meat are left behind the juice. This is in order to have a smooth soap. Unless you want exfoliation through the fruits.  

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